Join Our Discord

Aside from a fun time and getting to meet new people in the community, we offer support through our discord! Please remember this is not a job for any of us and is something we do for fun and when we have time, be patient with us.

A few things we offer support with

Fabric Mods

With most mods you want or need installed but aren’t sure how, we got you covered! Open a ticket and we’ll be happy to help..

Harassed or bothered?

Not an often occurrence, but if you happen to be annoyed or getting harassed by someone please let us know! we try to keep a nice and friendly place for everyone.

A Glitch or a Bug

Experienced a glitch or a bug on the server? we can reset and undo whatever it was, let us know through a ticket and gives us a little time to figure it out and have it fixed for you!