Our Rules

Please take the time to read them, it will make the staffs lives easier, and your time on the server go as smooth as possible!

Use Common Sense

This is self-explanatory. Trolling, and being rude to the members of the server will result in a warn, mute, and maybe even a ban in some extreme cases.

Discrimination and Slurs

The server strictly forbids discrimination of any kind, and also forbids the use of slurs in a public setting, even if socially you are allowed to say that.

Mature Audience

Please keep in mind that this server has various ages. You might encounter a different age group while having a conversation, so please be mindful of what is said.


Not safe for work content is NOT allowed. Things such as pornographic content, gore and violence, shock videos, suggestive content, and any other content deemed NSFW.

Spamming and Voicechat abuse

Spamming, such as repeatedly sending gifs, spamming letters, and joining and leaving voice chats, are very annoying, therefore punishable by being muted. Using the server’s Voice chat to obnoxiously blast music, scream into the mic, etc, will get your Voice chat perms taken away.


Death threats, Doxing, Blackmailing and DDOS threats are not allowed, and will be dealt with seriously. If you are threatened outside the server, we cannot help you, and we advise you to block that user, and report it to Discord.


Banter with your friends is completely okay, but as soon as the other person doesn’t find it funny, it is classed as being toxic. We advise you to not argue in public chats and be a dick to everyone, as we want this server to be a friendly community, free from toxicity.


Promoting your videos is strictly forbidden in any other channels apart from #self-promo. However, the promotion of other discord servers/Minecraft servers are restricted in all channels.

No politics

Talking about political issues regarding government officials, political parties, religions, or geo-political issues are forbidden. Even when approached with a respectful and mature manner. This is a Minecraft server, not a place for politics.

No Sensitive Topics

The in depth discussion or mention of triggering things such as self harm, suicide, rape, and more is strictly forbidden. If you are in need of help or need someone to talk to, please seek out a doctor or therapist.

No impersonation

Impersonation is all to common in-game, and can get you a warn. Even for jokes.

Discord TOS & Guidelines

This server abides by Discord’s TOS rules and guidelines. You can find them here: https://discord.com/terms.