A Semi-Vanilla Proximity Voice Chat Server

Who We Are

The Stoned Golem or TSG

We are a semi-vanilla community Minecraft server. We focus heavily on player experience. If you have any issues open a ticket in our discord and the staff team will be more than happy to help! Any suggestions you have that you think others would like you’re also more than welcome to create a suggestion within our discord server!

What Our Goals Are

  • Fun
  • Safe
  • Completely Free

Our main goal is to offer people a fun, safe, and completely free experience, we gain absolutely nothing aside from our own fun hosting events, meeting people, and playing on the server just like any other community member does, to make sure our goals are achieved we are very strict with our rules so please take the time to read them.

Main Features

Most used feature on TSG is Voice Chat, you will never fail to find someone to talk to, A Huge amount of custom items and cosmetics that are simply Reskins of Vanilla items/tools to not ruin the Vanilla feel, We host Events often both Staff made or Community hosted, along with a large number of features that are impossible to list here or you’d be reading a novel.

What makes our Features different from other servers?

The main difference from most Semi-Vanilla servers and us is you can choose to play completely Vanilla and not have your game affected in any way, 99% of our features you can disable with in-game commands, the ones that you can’t feel free to contact us and we will disable them for you! Join our Discord to get in contact with us

Vote For Us!

You get keys to open the crates in-game per vote, its free, it helps the server grow, and its rewarding!

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